Friday, April 1, 2011

Army FOIA Lawsuit Coverage on Hudson Valley News 12

Today I was interviewed by Hudson Valley News 12 concerning the settlement of my lawsuit against the Army and its release of records from the the court martial and acquittal of Staff Sergeant Alberto Martinez, my late husband's murderer. The interview is slated to air at 6pm, and should be online on the News 12 website tomorrow.

Journal News reporter Hema Easley is also providing coverage tomorrow, with a teaser story published online here.

My key quote from Easley's report is below:

"The turnaround on the Army's part is stunning," said Esposito, who now lives in Virginia with her daughter. "It took my bringing the Army to court for them to stop their attempt at obstructing the law."

UPDATE: Here is the link to my News 12 interview.

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