Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press report on my settlement

Here's a link to The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press's coverage of my settlment with the Army.

In this report, the key quote comes from my attorney, Eugene Fidell.
"I hope this will cause the people who are responsible for responding to FOIA requests to take another look at the law," Fidell said. "People shouldn't have to litigate this. It's a shame Mrs. Esposito had to take [the Army] to court. It should have been resolved long before it came to this."
Needless to say, I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Fidell. I too hope that those tasked with answering requests for government information under FIOA recommit themselves to the law. I further hope that the story of my run-in with the Army, coupled with the experiences of other Americans in bureaucratic obfuscation, will compel the Congress to strengthen FIOA in favor of disclosure.

Journal News Coverage: 'Army agrees to give Esposito's widow court-martial records'

Here's the link to Hema Easley's full report on the settlement of my lawsuit against the Army in today's Journal News.

My key quote:

"I will review these records to identify what led to [Phillip's] murder and the acquittal of his murderer," Esposito said Friday. "In fighting for justice for Phillip, my daughter and myself, I also fight for justice for all officers and servicemembers. No other family should have to suffer as we have."

Friday, April 1, 2011

Statement from Phillip's parents on the conclusion of my lawsuit

My parents-in-law, Joan & Thomas Esposito, have released the following statement concerning the successful conclusion of my lawsuit against the Army over the documents from the court-martial and acquittal of Staff Sergeant Alberto Martinez, the soldier accused of murdering their son and my late husband.

The ruling is instrumental and considered a positive step toward preventing future tragedies. The Army has been a barrier and now, 6 years after the murders, the barrier is coming down. We cannot bring back our son, Phillip, but it is a fitting memorial.

Staff Sgt. Martinez did get away with double murder, the murder of our son, Cpt. Phillip Esposito and Lt. Louis Allen, both were sons, husbands and fathers. Their deaths were needless and preventable.

Since Phillip’s death, not a minute goes by that we do not think about him and it brings us to tears. The death of a child is the most devastating loss parents can suffer and that experience is life-changing. We will never “get over it,” we just live life in a very different way.

Joan and Thomas Esposito, parents of Captain Phillip Esposito

I continue to be grateful to Joan and Tom for everything that they are that made their son Phillip the man that he came to be.

Army FOIA Lawsuit Coverage on Hudson Valley News 12

Today I was interviewed by Hudson Valley News 12 concerning the settlement of my lawsuit against the Army and its release of records from the the court martial and acquittal of Staff Sergeant Alberto Martinez, my late husband's murderer. The interview is slated to air at 6pm, and should be online on the News 12 website tomorrow.

Journal News reporter Hema Easley is also providing coverage tomorrow, with a teaser story published online here.

My key quote from Easley's report is below:

"The turnaround on the Army's part is stunning," said Esposito, who now lives in Virginia with her daughter. "It took my bringing the Army to court for them to stop their attempt at obstructing the law."

UPDATE: Here is the link to my News 12 interview.