Monday, September 17, 2012

A note to my friends and supporters on the recent actions of Ray Ortega

It has come to my understanding that a Mr. Ray Ortega, a former defense investigator for the government’s suspect in the murder of my late husband, Captain Phillip Esposito, has created a website to solicit funds for his private investigation of my husband’s murder and the murder of 1st Lieutenant Louis Allen.  I do not condone this website and I encourage you not to visit or support it.

In this website, styled "," Ortega claims that he has developed his own theory on who murdered my late husband and 1st Lieutenant Allen and that he seeks monetary support to continue his private investigation.

In the past, Ortega has contacted me privately to secure my financial assistance for his endeavors. He presented me with no evidence beyond his mere assertions, yet he sought for me to underwrite his investigation.

It goes without saying that I flatly rejected Ortega’s request.  I told Ortega that if he possesses evidence that implicates another suspect in the murder of my husband and 1st Lieutenant Allen, he should turn it over to government prosecutors immediately and worry about his reward later.

To my knowledge, Ortega did not act on my advice.

But by using my late husband’s name, my name, and by quoting me on his website, I am concerned that Ortega creates an impression that I somehow sanction his use of my husband’s name, my name, and his investigation of my husband’s death.

Unequivocally, I do not. In my opinion, neither should you.