Thursday, April 21, 2016

Alberto B. Martinez, Convicted Felon

I have always maintained that while the Army jurors who sat in judgement of Staff Sergeant Alberto Martinez allowed Martinez to escape punishment for the murder of my late husband, nothing could ever allow Martinez to escape his own character. In my view, Martinez is simply doomed to be the man that he has chosen to be.

For instance, today, I learned via an anonymous comment on my blog that Martinez was convicted in 2015 of a Florida felony contraband offense. I can only surmise that this was likely the product of the information I received here indicating that Marinez had been dismissed from his position at Florida's Taylor Correctional Institution for allegedly smuggling contraband into the prison.

Upon visiting the Florida Department of Corrections website, I found the information copied below.

Corrections Offender Network
Supervised Population Information Detail
(This information was current as of 4/17/2016)

Alberto B. Martinez
DC Number: I14712
Hair Color: BLACK
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 200 lbs.
Birth Date: 08/07/1967
Supervision Begin Date: 02/09/2015
Current Location:TALLAHASSEE
Current Status:ACTIVE
Supervision Type: PROBATION FELONY
Scheduled Termination Date: 02/08/2018
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Current Verified PERMANENT Address:


Note: The offense descriptions are truncated and do not necessarily reflect the crime for which the offender is on supervision. Please refer to the court documents or the Florida Statutes for further information or definition.
Current Community Supervision History:
Offense DateOffenseSentence DateCountyCase No.Community Supervision Length
06/01/2014CONSTRUC.POSSESS CONTRAB.02/09/2015TAYLOR14002503Y 0M 0D
06/01/2014CONSTRUC.POSSESS CONTRAB.02/09/2015TAYLOR14002500Y 6M 0D

It is jarring for me to see this. Martinez is a man I would just as soon never contemplate again. Yet here he is, and yet again I must look at this man who I believe murdered my husband and got away with it.

But I will say this: I am not in the least surprised that Martinez has again found himself in trouble with the law. We shall see soon enough what the future holds for the likes of him.


Anonymous said...

Having served with your husband, I agree ... But I also believe that Martinez had help and that person escaped justice too. Sad state of affairs. Praying for your strength everyday.

Kale Baldwin said...

100% agree the system failed. I served with your husband he was a great officer I think of him often.

Anonymous said...

The only good news is that Alberto apparently lives in a POS house in a POS area of a POS region of Tallahassee. You can google it easily and practically zoom in on the shack he lives in. I don't think he is going to go to graduate school, be honored by his exceptional community service (except picking up trash maybe) or win any writing awards. He has to live with what he did but I do wonder, as a therapist, if he is bothered by his conscience. Who knows. A very sad affair. Btw, notice that the other anonymous poster who pretended to be different people in support of Alberto and against your husband misspelled the same simple word "peers" as "piers" in different letters. Gee I wonder which shack dweller in Crawfordville wrote all those and ALSO isn't going to Harvard anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

Alberto Bass Martinez

Alberto Bass Martinez, 49, of Crawfordville, FL passed away on Sunday, January 22, 2017.

He was born in Puerto Rico. He was in the National Guard for 18 years,

He is survived by his father, Hector Martinez; children: Glenn Martinez (Ashley) and Kasey Martinez; sister: Kala McSweeney (Tim) and three grandchildren.

David Conn of Bevis Funeral Home, Harvey-Young Chapel in Crawfordville is assisting the family. (850-926-3333 or

Kippy Poole said...

Justice is finally served