Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Army FOIA Lawsuit Coverage in The Journal News

Today Journal News reporter Hema Easley covered my lawsuit against the US Army for its refusal to provide records from the court martial and acquittal of Staff Sergeant Alberto Martinez, my late husband's murderer [link here].

My key quote is below:

"The Army is essentially rewriting the facts in order to hide from the galling truth that my husband's death was needless and preventable," said Esposito, describing the Army's response as dishonest and insulting.

"I'm frustrated and angry that I have to argue with the Army that Phillip was actually murdered," she said.

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Daniel said...

Congrats on this victory. You and the public are entitled to know all of the details. You are fighting a brave fight, considering the multiple tragedies (first the murders, then the senseless acquittal, and then the callous denial of the whole situation -- unbelievable). Great job winning this part of it. Dan P.