Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Army FOIA Lawsuit Coverage in The Journal News

Today Journal News reporter Hema Easley covered my lawsuit against the US Army for its refusal to provide records from the court martial and acquittal of Staff Sergeant Alberto Martinez, my late husband's murderer [link here].

My key quote is below:
"My monument to Phillip's life is to work to prevent future tragedies such as his death," Esposito said in a statement.

"To fulfill that purpose, I need to fully understand why my husband was murdered and how his killer was permitted to go free. I need the records of his accused murderer's trial," she said.


Anonymous said...

OMG its time to move on and go on with your life....YOUR HUSBAND was an ASSHOLE I KNOW I WAS THERE IN IRAQ WITH HIM.....

E said...

To whomever Mr. Anonymous is. While I never served in the armed forces, I did work for them for a number of years. Every soldier I met was braver than I could ever pretend to be. None of them would have been so cowardly to post something like this anonymously. I would humbly ask that if you did indeed serve to please say who you are. I do not think you have the courage to do that though.