Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday coverage of General Taluto's withdrawal

Here is another story on Major General Taluto's withdrawal that appeared today.

The Journal News
Widow applauds general's retirement

I think this part of Hema Easley's coverage is noteworthy:

Eric Durr, director of public affairs for the state Division of Military and Naval Affairs, said Taluto had planned to retire in 2009 but agreed to head the National Guard at the urging of members of the military. As the confirmation process dragged on, the general decided to retire, Durr said.

Taluto's confirmation has been delayed for eight months, but Durr said that was not unusual.

"It's Washington," he said. "There are 200 nominations waiting that have not been acted upon."

Sure. The withdrawal of General Taluto's nomination is nothing more than the routine course of affairs and the investigation of my allegations against Taluto had nothing to do with his retirement.

And let us remember, this is the very same Eric Durr who said the following in a radio report broadcast on North Country Public Radio last spring. Speaking of the hundreds of often graphic death threats my husband received from Alberto Martinez prior to my husband's murder, Durr argued:

"I would just submit that if you took the instance where everybody said "I hate that S.O.B." or "I'm going to take care of him" in a moment of anger in any organization, in hindsight it all seems wonderfully clear, but as we go though our day-to-day life it is never that crystal clear [emphasis added]."
What I think is wonderfully clear is that but for such an attitude, my husband and Louis Allen would be alive. Worse, had the Army learned from my husband and Louis Allen's murder, the victims of the massacre at Fort Hood would also be alive.

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Anonymous said...

Its sad that you feel that its everybody else that is to blame for your husband's death. Your husband was in charge of the company and was in charge of SSG Martinez. If he felt threatened and did nothing about it, he is the one at fault. I am sorry for what happened to him and feel sorry for your baby growing up without a father. Stop putting blame on someone else. Your letter did nothing to stop or slow down the process MG Taluto's nomination nor did you have anything to do with his retirement. Move on with your life and find a new outlet for your anger and do something that will make you happy.