Friday, December 5, 2008

“He slaughtered our husbands and that’s it!”

Those are the words of my dear friend Barbara Allen whose husband was also killed alongside mine by this despicable man.

I am disgusted. This is a miscarriage of justice. My husband took an oath and died in fulfillment of it. The officers and non-commissioned officers who sat in judgment of Alberto Martinez betrayed their oath. Their task was to ensure justice and they failed utterly. I want them to pay for their failure.

They have said in a time of war you can take a personal grudge and turn it into premeditated murder and get away with it. He got away with murder. How can that be?

How do I explain to my daughter that her father would give his life to an institution that would turn his back on him so many times? How do I find the words? How do I come to grips with it myself?

I'm afraid for myself and my child. This man who murdered my husband leered at me in the courtroom in front of the jury. If he was innocent he would feel nothing but compassion for our families and would have shown it.

Barbara and I have been betrayed. The fact that it was by men and women who wore the same uniform as our husbands and claimed to share the same values makes this both sickening and wrong. This is the second worst day of my life.

Thank God for my family and friends whose untiring support gives me the strength to carry on (and some days, to keep living).


Joe Hunter said...

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
--Mother Teresa

Barbara said...

I'm proud of Siobhan and our families for the absolute unity and strength in the battle that has been thrust upon us. For 3 and a half years we were helpless to do anything other than rely on the military judicial system to find justice. That system has failed and now we will live our lives in fear. Nothing will convince me martinez has not been plotting revenge on us, and by extension he will have the pleasure of hurting our husbands again.
Where we go from here remains to be seen. But our true battle has only now begun.

OCIrish said...

God Bless You Siobhan, Barbara and your children. We are disgusted with the murderer, the jury and the miltary injustice system. Evil things do come to evil people.

Your children need you more than ever now. Please, please take care of yourselves so you may take care of your kids.

Do not let anger destroy you.

You must be strong now and rise above this injustice.

Your big family in NY loves you, is praying for you and will be there for you.

Einat said...

I am so sorry to hear this, I heard your story from a friend of mine before, our system is corrupt in so many ways, it is scary sometimes. I think you should bring this case forward in the national media.
I hope you will find strength to keep going, good luck and god bless.

Paula said...

What happened was appalling.

I was heartbroken for both you and Barbara and for your families.

The Army should be ashamed.

jayeldee said...

Based on the brief accounting of this calamity afforded by Nicholas Provenzo, whom I have every good reason to trust, and on my reading of several news accounts, you appear to have been horribly and doubly victimized--first by a killer, and then by a corrupt and incompetent judicial system. My profound condolences to you--and fervent hope that you are able to transform your victimization into triumph, by whatever just means are available.

John said...

As a 17 year member of the army and someone is a part of the army justice system, I am truly sorry for the families. I have been embarrassed by the army and my fellow soldiers for choosing to find Alberto Martinez not guilty. I do not believe the army justice system had the correct out come and anyone in the army should be embarrassed by this verdict. To believe he was innocent is truly a slap in the families face all over again. The jury obviously does not share the same sense of dedication to duty that CPT Esposito and 1LT Allen did when they deployed in the service of their country. We as soldiers should be able to trust everyone in our units and should not have to guard ourselves from the enemy within. Three years ago this was a sensless tragedy and now that tragedy has been magnified by a jury that did not have the ability to carry out their duty.

manya fabiniak said...

I am Nick's mother, Manya. I too am sickened and distressed at the outcome of this trial. For so many evenings my son has shared the enchantments of your beautiful daughter, and my heart is with you both.

As you move through this experience, may blessings enfold you beyond your greatest imaginings.

Sean said...

I and my family are completely disheartened and saddened by this ruling. The victims and their families have been dragged through absolute HELL since June 05 and this ruling only deepens the wounds and pain and suffering for us all. We are a nation that assembles the most advanced military in the world to topple and eventually hang a dictator in Iraq yet we cannot assemble a jury to convict and hang an animal in our own military that needs to be put down. There was hope for closure and a new chapter when this trial finally began this year. Now, hope has faded and closure as well. I and my family are proud of the victims families and their enduring strength. I cannot say the same for our justice system and our military. If the New York ARNG and the 42nd ID had a tenth of the courage and strength and compassion for the victims and their families, none of us would be writing on this blog today. What a disgrace and what a shame our military has left in this nations most historical chapter. It's no wonder the finger pointing has begun...a sign of inept and unqualified leadership.

I have to wonder now what the OER and NCOER's will reflect on the investigators, the prosecutors and the jury members since the announcement of their hisrorical and monumental blunder.

Siobhan and Barbara, our family will never leave your side and we will "Never Forget" how you and your loved ones were failed by those who call themselves leaders.

Sean Knudsen and Family

Jennifer said...

Siobhan, not a day goes by that I don't think of you and your family. You have more courage and strength than anyone I know.

Anonymous said...

The tyrant dies and his rule is over, the martyr dies and his rule begins.--Soren Kierkegaard
I had the esteem pleasure of serving with your husband. He was a leader who never demanded respect but rather was immediately present and he patiently took me under his wing and helped me qualify as a 20yr old tank gunner. That faithful two weeks he became more than a teacher, he became a role model. God bless you, and together we all need to show the, "Master's of the Universe", we will not tolerate this injustice and continue to fight for integrity, the same code of ethics these two brave American soldiers based their whole existence on.